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Semantic Marketing, SEO++ Feedback

Thanks to everyone who’s shared or responded to semantic marketing and the SEO++ idea. It’s been great to connect with other people who are also intrigued by the possibilities that are starting to appear at the intersection of marketing and the semantic web. Jennifer Zaino at interviewed me and published an article To Market, To Market, The Semantic Way. Richard MacManus at ReadWriteWeb awarded me Comment of the Day: Semantic Marketing for my remarks …

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SEO + Semantic Web = SEO++

Two weeks ago, Amit Kumar announced on the Yahoo! Search Blog that Yahoo! will be supporting semantic web standards in their new Yahoo! search open platform. This is a game-changing moment in online marketing. Essentially, Yahoo! is proposing that search will be the “killer app” for sparking the explosion of the semantic web into the mainstream. With this release, when Yahoo! recognizes semantically tagged data in the pages it crawls — structured data such as …

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Great marketing visualization tools

As I’ve previously remarked, I believe that good, innovative visualization of marketing data is one of the more underutilized techniques in a marketer’s toolbox. One of the key roles of the marketing technology team should be to enable and infuse fresh perspectives of activities, initiatives, and results to the rest of the marketing team in creative ways that unveil useful patterns and opportunities. Sarah Perez over at ReadWriteWeb just posted a fantastic list of The …

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Brand and the semantic web: 5 parallels

I recently posted some preliminary ideas about semantic marketing, what the role of marketing could be in the semantic web. One of the most interesting notions that occurred to me is how the concept of brand will be extended in the semantic web. What will constitute semantic branding? This intrigues me because on the surface “semantic branding” sounds like an oxymoron. What we popularly think of as brand seems much more suited to human experiences …

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Marketing in the semantic web

What should be the role of marketing in the semantic web? Should there be any? According to the W3C, the semantic web is about common data formats that make it easy to integrate and combine data from diverse sources. It’s about mapping ideas expressed in human language to data in a way that facilitates automatic processing, where software can programmatically comprehend how different pieces of data are related. It’s a web behind the web of …

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Visualization in marketing analytics

A recent ReadWriteWeb article on caught my attention the other day, triggering some thoughts about the underutilized potential of visualization in marketing analytics. Generally speaking, marketing isn’t hindered by a lack of data these days. To the contrary, the challenge for many marketers is the exact opposite: they are deluged with data. It’s a syndrome marked by being up to your eyeballs in reports and dashboards, but feeling short-changed on meaning and insight from …

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