CMO should focus on process, content, and skills (interview)

Marketo is one of the leading providers of marketing automation software. “No IT” was one of their early selling points, and I remember thinking at the time that represented a major inflection point in marketing’s relationship with technology. So I was excited to have the opportunity to interview Jon Miller, their VP of Marketing Content and Strategy, on the impact they’ve seen technology have in the marketing department over the past 6 years. Here’s his …

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Insights from the explosion of marketing touchpoints

At the Online Marketing Summit here in Boston last week, I caught up with Steven Woods, co-founder and CTO of Eloqua. I’ve been a fan of Steven’s since his first book on the transformation of sales and marketing, Digital Body Language. He now has a new book — Revenue Engine: Why Revenue Performance Management is the Next Frontier of Competitive Advantage — that continues this discussion on the new marketing. So I took advantage of …

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Mashing media, advertising and technology (interview)

I lived in New York City for about five years, and if I had to name one thing about the city that I loved most, it was its energy. The city just crackles with creativity and drive. Our inaugural marketing technologist interview was with New Yorker Jonathan Mendez, who in turn, introduced me to today’s metropolis-based interviewee: Darren Herman. Like Jonathan, Darren is a multi-faceted marketing technologist: an entrepreneur, an early-stage venture investor, and the …

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Marketing technology at a 113-year-old firm (interview)

Disruptive innovation can be exhausting. Exciting. Full of opportunity. But also relentless hard work. And with all the disruptive innovation wrought by the Internet — particularly the seismic changes in marketing — there are times when even the best of us could use a little boost of inspiration. Today’s marketing technologist interview was just that boost of inspiration for me because it features a 113-year old company — Thomas Publishing Company — which has adapted …

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Bring your A-game to marketing technology (interview)

Earlier this week, I shared a presentation by marketing technologist Cleve Gibbon on building a marketing technology platform for engaging global brands. Today, I’m pleased to share with you our own interview with him. Cleve is the Chief Technology Officer of Cognifide, a European digital technology agency that has built sites — or, as Cleve would insist, marketing technology platforms — for clients such as Skype and Virgin Media. He’s a brilliant technologist with a …

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To marketing, then IT, and back again (interview)

For this week’s marketing technologist interview, we move in-house to talk with someone who’s balanced the relationship between marketing and IT on the front-line. In fact, he’s worked for marketing, then IT, and then marketing again — all with the same mission. I’m thrilled to have Eric Long, an experienced online marketer, information architect, and web strategist share his perspective with us. Eric is the Senior Manager of E-Business for the Decor Global Business Unit …

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The “rocket scientists” of marketing (interview)

If you want an example of how a marketing technologist can rise to an executive leadership role in a billion dollar company, you need not look any further than today’s guest for our marketing technologist interview series: Brad Terrell. Brad is VP & General Manager of the Digital Media business unit at Netezza — a firm recently acquired by IBM for $1.7 billion. He is responsible for maximizing the value Netezza delivers to digital media …

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Marketing Technologist: Jonathan Mendez

Today we’re launching a series of interviews highlighting marketing technologists — who are they, what they do, and how they got there. We have a terrific line up of interviewees and plan to publish one a week for the next several months. Our inaugural interview is with Jonathan Mendez, a quintessential marketing technologist. Jonathan is the Founder & CEO of Yieldbot — an innovative “real-time intent engine” for online advertising — and publishes the popular …

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