Missed our Martech for 2024 jam session? Catch the replay and get the 89-page report for free

Martech for 2024 Presentation on YouTube

Last week, Frans Riemersma and I published our Martech for 2024 report, an in-depth analysis of the evolving martech landscape in the gen AI era and the underlying forces of aggregation and composability that are shaping it. You can download a free copy here.

We also hosted an hour-long presentation, discussing many of the themes of the report, with the added color commentary of two giant martech nerds armchair industry analysts weighing in on some of these findings.

Missed it? Fear not. You can now catch the replay on YouTube — or watch it directly below if you’re reading this on my website. (Reading this in email? First, thanks for subscribing. Second, click here to jump to the playback on YouTube.)

Don’t forget to download a copy of the report to have all of our graphics and charts, as well as deeper explanations of the topics we cover in the video.

Once agian, we’d like to express our gratitude to GrowthLoop, mParticle, OfferFit, SAS, and Snowplow for sponsoring this report and webinar. Thank you!

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